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Zorin OS 16, a measured update with Pro version

Zorin OS 16 is the new major version of this distribution, known to be one of those that strives to make it easy for newcomers to Linux. Zorin OS 16 is, according to the presentation made by its developers, “a great step forward that refines all levels of the operating system: from its appearance to its operation.” It is?

Like everything in life, it depends on how you look at it, but Zorin OS 16 is undoubtedly a leap forward that was already waiting. Its previous version was also: it was released more than two years ago and accumulates more than three million downloads worldwide, in addition to setting the bar quite high in terms of those Linux for PC that it is nice to see, so it does not It is surprising that there was a desire to have the renovation.

Zorin OS 16

The renewal of Zorin OS 16 begins, how could it be otherwise, by the base of the system, which is now built on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Specifically, about Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, which hasn’t even come out yet. It will do it next week, but it is not that this data means anything in particular, beyond the default use of components such as the kernel Linux 5.11 or Table 21.

Of the version of GNOME on which the Zorin OS desktop is built, however, no peep is said, although everything revolves around GNOME 3.36 and GNOME 3.38. For the rest, the Zorin OS 16 desktop hardly differs from what has already been seen, but it does modify and add some things that are worth commenting, despite the fact that the most striking are only available to those who purchase the paid edition .

Following what is described in the Zorin OS 16 official announcementThe first thing that is referred to is the “new and impressive look”, although the truth is that we are facing the same visual theme of the previous version, which already looked great, but more polished. A single theme, in black and white – or light and dark, as you prefer in which you can only configure the color of the accent and the folders.

Zorin OS 16

This is what Zorin OS 16 looks like by default

Other more appreciable aesthetic touches are the new dynamic wallpaper, which varies the tonality of the same image according to the time of day, and the lock screen, which shows the wallpaper that is on, but with a blur effect.

Between appearance and functionality is the performance, which would have been ‘drastically’ improved in this new version for everything in general: system boot, desktop, applications, etc.

Having logged into the Zorin OS 16 desktop, the highlights include a new welcome assistant it will walk the user “through the basics of how to use and personalize the desktop, connect their accounts online, link their phone with their computer using Zorin Connect, and install the software they need to work and play”; improved touchpad gesture support to “move between applications and workspaces even more quickly and easily”; and many others.

On the other hand, the extended support of applications stands out, since Zorin OS 16 has its own repositories, those of Ubuntu, the Canonical Snap Store and from this version with Flathub pre-installed and activated by default; also improves support for install windows apps, thanks to “a built-in database that detects popular Windows installation files, so the system can guide you through the installation process”; and launches a new application of its own, a sound recorder.

Zorin OS 16

Zorin OS 16: Flatpak (Flathub) support

More new features of Zorin OS 16 include some already introduced by Ubuntu and GNOME in previous versions, such as fractional scaling for high resolution screens, Active Directory support during system installation and many others, although if you have already read something about Zorin OS 16 out there, you might be wondering And “what of Windows 11” where is it? Right now we explain it to you.

As we pointed out in the headline, Zorin OS 16 launches a Pro version, which is nothing more than its previous Ultimate version with some not too attractive additions. Namely: Zorin OS is distributed in three versions: Core, the current and recommended for most users, we could say; a Lite based on Xfce and aimed at teams with fairer resources; and the Ultimate edition, now Pro, which adds a lot of things and costs money that the project uses to finance itself.

Zorin OS 16

Zorin OS 16 in the style of Windows 11

That “pile of things” with which the edition tempts Ultimate Pro include a good number of pre-installed and preconfigured design and productivity applications, and the highlight, different desktop layouts that you swap with one click to adapt it to the style of Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, GNOME and several more; and the novelty of Zorin OS 16 is a new layout in the style of Windows 11. Nothing fancy, wow.

The pity is that the user cannot configure the desktop on his own to make it look like Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, etc., unless he bundles one that is not suitable (for that it is worth using another distribution): or it is done via Zorin OS’s own tool, only available in the Pro edition, or there is no tutorial. The Pro edition costs 39 euros and in addition to accessing everything said and the updates that the current version receives, it serves to support the project.

You can download Zorin OS 16 on the official website.