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Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun

There is nothing like a good massage to soothe your muscles after exercising or at the end of your workday. Nevertheless, many times there are no hands that give you that massage that you need so much. The good thing is that we are in the 21st century and there are massage guns that can soothe your muscle aches caused by bad posture or very intense training sessions.

We have had the opportunity to test the new Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun (Xiaomi ecosystem brand). Is about a small, portable, comfortable and very powerful massager that works on specific parts of the body to relieve your pain.

We tell you how it is, how effective your massages are and if it is really worth it. Join us … At the end of the article we leave you a offer where you can get it at half price.

The Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun is compact and lightweight. Barely measures 88 x 35 x 126.6 mm and weighs 240 grams. In addition, it is so quiet (47 dB of noise maximum) that you can even fall asleep using it.

From its design we highlight its premium appearance with finishes that give a very good feeling in the hand. In general, we found it very comfortable to use, which is what we expect from this type of device. It does not tire your hand while you are using it.

In addition to the storage case, this massage gun includes 4 different silicone heads: round, oblong, mushroom-shaped and U-shaped. Each one serves a different type of massage. It also brings in the box a manual with the different muscle groups and the indications of how to do and for how long to apply the massager.

Something that we really liked about this gun is that it is very easy to use. It only has one button to control all its functions: turn off, turn on and switch between the different massage modes. By the way, it also has a color-changing LED light to tell you which massage mode you are using.

Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun In Operation

To give you massages adapted to your needs and pains, the Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun It has 4 intensities to choose from:

  • 650 rpm / min
  • 1600 rpm / min
  • 2400 rpm / min
  • 3200 rpm / min

The highest one applies very strong massages, which surprises us because it comes from such a small and light gadget. According to the brand data, is capable of applying a force of up to 6 kg with an amplitude of 7 mmAnd you can see it!

The massages applied by this gun help to relieve both muscle aches and stress. Of course, do not expect quality massages from a professional masseuse, but within its capabilities it works very well.

Yunmai Massage Gun Extra Mini Charging Port

The battery life of this massage gun varies depending on the intensity and how long you use it on a daily basis. With a low intensity and using it only 10 minutes a day, can reach an autonomy of 48 days. To be more exact, it uses a 1600 mAh battery that guarantees 8 hours of autonomy with continuous use.

How is this Yunmai Extra Mini massager charged? Through its USB-C port. You can charge it with the USB cable of your mobile, connecting it to a powerbank or directly to the current. In case you need to know, its charger is 10 W.

Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun Worth It

The Yunmai Extra Mini massage gun is great for any athlete or person who exercises. But also it is perfect to relieve pain caused by incorrect posture. So if you have muscle aches Because of your work or because you spend a lot of time at home in fixed positions, this massager will come in handy.

Note that Yunmai is a brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem, so the quality of this product is 100% guaranteed.

Best of Yunmai Extra Mini Massage Gun

✅ Compact and lightweight (240 g)
✅ 4 different types of massages
✅ 4 intensity levels
✅ Easy to use with one button

Right now you can get this massage gun in AliExpress for only 68 € (half-price). A small investment for your body that will improve your quality of life.

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