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What to do if the ribbon disappears in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Currently, PowerPoint is one of the most widely used applications for creating presentations. Because of this, it occupies a pretty important place in the Microsoft Office suite and is used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis.

In reality, however, like Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheet programs, everything is managed from the toolbar or ribbon above. This can be a problem if: It does not appear on your computer or appears to be minimized for some reason.

Therefore, you can restore the ribbon in Microsoft PowerPoint

In this tutorial The method differs slightly depending on the version of Microsoft Office.So if your version is 2010 or earlier, you need to follow the steps below. Also note that the tutorial only applies to computers running the Windows operating system, not other computers.

New version of Microsoft Office

If you’re using one of the latest versions of Office released by Microsoft, the tutorial in question is a little easier. To redisplay the top bar of PowerPoint options in the upper right part of the application, right next to the option to close and minimize the application, Find a window-shaped button called “Presentation Options”.. At the push of a button, you will be shown various options with which you can choose whether you want to display PowerPoint. Certain Select Show Tabs And Commands Gets the default PowerPoint view.

Save the Microsoft PowerPoint ribbon above

If you don’t see the option, or if you’re using an earlier version of Microsoft Office

On the other hand, you might not see this option for some reason. If you’re using a version of Office earlier than 2010, you’ll see that this option wasn’t included and by default isn’t shown directly. Time. For this reason, The process in these cases is slightly different and there is no one-size-fits-all solutionAlthough it’s always easy to find.

First, you need to show the PowerPoint ribbon. To do this, you have to click on one of the different tabs (Beginning, to adjust…) From above. Then in the right corner, either up or down, An icon with a down arrow or some sort of pushpin will appear., Version dependent. Just press on it and the tape will snap into place at the top properly.

Pin the Microsoft PowerPoint toolbar