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What is Structural Coaching and what is it used for, according to the European Center for Official Training in Coaching


Structural Coaching is one of the most renowned internationally, especially for its versatility. The European Center for Official Training in Coaching reveals the keys to Structural Coaching

The concept of Coaching is well known in our time. Thanks to this it has been achieved unite work teams, enhance skills and improve leadership in companies of all sectors. However, there are different styles under the umbrella of Coaching.

It is precisely the Structural Coaching one of those that can be applied far beyond business objectives.

Structural Coaching, what is it?
Society lives in an environment in which everything around it defines personality to some degree. Besides that, factors such as the family environment or culture have conditioned the development of people since childhood. People often feel incapable of dealing with what kind of problems, to the point of not making progress in various areas.

This context that blocks people could be managed if an internal knowledge of the person is reached, to see how and what changes to make in that sense with a specific accompaniment that not only increase self-esteem, but let you know how far you can go, which is actually far beyond what it seems.

This accompaniment process is what is known as Structural Coaching. It is based on taking into account the essence of each person in a comprehensive way, but far from mystical concepts or unclear aspects. The idea is that it is the same person who changes the paradigm that has in his mind, created by the elements it has been exposed to throughout its life, and which is often what keeps it stagnant.

Structural Coaching Applications
Something that clearly differentiates it from other types of Coaching is that Structural Coaching does not use any type of tool for the analysis of the person at any time.

In addition, it accompanies in processes of improvement of self-esteem, which results in the person he drives his hidden talent to dare to make a project come true knowing its real limits, not the taxes, and seeing how far it can go.

Often times, ignorance is the first obstacle that prevents progress. Structural Coaching provides the coachee with a new way of see things, not just interpret them.

It is evident that to achieve optimal results, the coach must be well trained in Structural Coaching.

Studying coaching, a rising value
Coaching has become a very relevant enhancer for all walks of life. More and more people want to be trained in it, either as personal growth or as a profession.

In any case, especially if it is to exploit the possibilities offered by Structural Coaching, it is essential to go to a specialized training center.

CEFOC is a pioneering project since 1997, which has helped many people to harness the virtues of the Coaching in Barcelona, forming a rigorous model that can be applied in any context, both personal and business, and that is supported by values ​​that promote humanity, respect for each one and for everything around. In short, find the happiness that is in all the details and go as far as possible.

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