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What is Active Income?

Active Income is the income you get in exchange for your time and effort. The simplest example of all is salary: you have to work a certain number of hours a day to receive monetary compensation for it.

However, to build wealth it is necessary to get rid of the salary as an employee and look for other sources, both active and passive (the latter correspond to what you earn without working).

This is a list of active income other than salary, which, although they also depend on your effort and time (self-employed), allow you to operate independently:

1- Consulting or Advice

If you are a lawyer, accountant or professional in similar areas, you can provide your services independently.

To generate sufficient income for this concept you have to have a mechanism that captures clients such as advertisements, a web page or a circle of associated professionals.

Now, this is not exclusive for professionals. If you are good at playing guitar, languages ​​or art, why not offer private lessons?

They may be few clients at first, but you can reward them with free classes if they get you other referrals.

2- Your own business

I am referring particularly to establishments such as restaurants, bars, clothing sales or places where generic products are sold.

In addition to satisfying basic needs (food or clothing for example), you can also include other types of products such as multilevel ones (which I will explain in the next point).

Never limit the potential of a business.

Meeting specific needs is possible and profitable, but as long as you are able to increase your target market much better.

You can be excellent marketing men’s clothing, but if with that income you can expand your business, why not set up an additional women’s clothing store?

You are satisfying two different segments instead of having two identical branches. From then on, each line will be able to be supplied and increased independently.

3- Multilevel Marketing

In this blog I have mentioned several articles on the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing companies.

Although I personally consider it very difficult for them to be able to replace a salary in the short term, it is possible that generate extra income.

The key to active income is having a very broad social circle or, what I consider to be a better strategy, link them with another business. I explain this better with the following example:

When you go to the supermarket you buy food and other groceries, but right at the cash register you find a shelf with magazines, books and sweets.

This is a marketing technique that aims to make a last-minute purchase that you as a customer did not have in mind before arriving at the supermarket.

You can do exactly the same.

Even if your office is a consulting office or you have a clothing store, you can place a small sample of multilevel products in your business.

Your customers don’t go with you for those products, but they are likely to carry some.

4- Provision of Services

Some people have excellent professional skills that they waste working for others.

It is not easy to part with a basic salary, but an entrepreneurial vision with organization can do much more.

A culinary expert will earn a good salary as a chef, and that is if he can rise from a position as a kitchen assistant.

But what if with a little more vision Do you set up your own restaurant or a buffet service for special events?

Another example is that of foreign language teachers.

Some provide private tutoring services, but depend on the free time allowed by their work.

The normal thing is to be an expert in English to transmit the teaching of this language to Spanish-speaking people, but what if you do it the other way around? A little-explored alternative is to go to another country and teach Spanish.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but these are the kinds of ideas that start to generated with creativity.

5- Take advantage of the Internet

Little by little the virtual is gaining important ground in interactions and business.

If there is something you can do via chat or videoconference, Why not extend it to other countries? You are excellent at giving econometrics or mathematics advice, What would happen if you offer your services on a virtual level?

The face-to-face is limited to your ability to move around the city, but lor virtual break that barrierand it allows you to reach millions of people and multiply the target market hundreds of times.