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What is a virtual machine for? Function!

Why can’t I open the application that I installed on my computer?What is a virtual machine for? How many operating systems can a single computer handle? When should we consider installing a new operating system? are just some of the questions that many people ask themselves when hearing about virtual machines as we will see below.

Computers can work with two different operating systems.

What are a virtual machine for: What are they?

They are virtual spaces on which an operating system can be installed, which can be used on the main operating system that the computer has. It can be a somewhat complicated concept, but virtual machines mimic the components and details that a computer has with certain aspects, so that an original operating system can be installed and used as if it were another computer.

However, it must be taken into account that virtual machines and traditional computers have essential resources, so the equipment must have minimum requirements to be used as a virtual machine and not generate problems when running.

Once the person completes the entire installation procedure of the operating systems they want, they will have to run tests with the different networks and applications that their computer has, to verify that there are no operational problems with any of them.

The main idea of ​​these software is to be able to run an operating system in the form of an application, allowing some programs to work without being allowed.

On the other hand, the main function of the hypervisor should also be highlighted, which is responsible for managing the virtual hardware and entering the physical aspects that the computer has with its own processor, motherboard, RAM memory, among others.

As well as the storage space that the computer must contain to protect large files within the physical SSD or hard disk.

What is a virtual machine for?

Virtual machines can be used for different things, however, the most frequent use is to test various operating systems, settings or programs safely, without generating a loss of information or damage to the physical equipment, but the failure is presented by the virtual operating system.

So if the person suspects that a file is infected by a virus, it can be sent and executed in the virtual operating system to verify its reliability or security. If the program does not present any problems or bad reports, it can be run on the traditional computer.

Otherwise, the file will only infect the virtual operating system that your computer has, as long as your computer is clean and free from attack.

But one aspect that we must highlight about virtual machines is that they are not aware of what they are, so you can recreate the connection through the network in several virtual machines without the need to contain two or more traditional computers on your table.

Among the advances that technology has today, are virtual machines.

What are the best applications to create virtual machines?

  • VMWare Workstation: It has been in the market for more than 20 years, being a benchmark for the design and creation of other applications.
  • Quemu: developed to be installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • VirtualBox: It offers an endless number of safe, simple and quick-to-use options, which has made this application one of the most important in the area.
  • Hyper-V: It is an application created by Microsoft for Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Parallels Desktop: Ideal for people who have a MAC computer, but need some of the features that Windows has.
  • Windows Sandbox: Like Hyper-V, it is an application developed by Microsoft for people looking for a safe and easy-to-use product.
  • Xen: It is the most efficient application of all the previous ones.

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