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Visual Studio Code 1.24 comes to improve productivity with JavaScript and TypeScript »MuyLinux

Microsoft continues to meet every month with a new release of Visual Studio Code with noteworthy news, this time touching the version 1.24. The code editor, which did not start in the best way, changed its model in reaction to suggestions and criticisms from users, and fortunately, it can be said that it currently meets the requirements of the FLOSS sector and what users demand quite well. GNU / Linux users who prefer maximum automation.

The first novelty that Microsoft has highlighted from Visual Studio Code 1.24 is he highlighting of variables that are not used in JavaScript and TypeScript. The user will now be able to delete one or all unused declarations, and that is that a declared and unused variable only serves one thing: uselessly occupy memory.

Clear unused variables in Visual Studio Code 1.24

The refactoring option “Move to a new file” allows in JavaScript and TypeScript move classes and functions into their own files. This possibility can come in handy to reorder the code when a file already has too much code.

Move JavaScript or TypeScript code to a new file in Visual Studio Code 1.24

When a file is moved to another location, Visual Studio Code 1.24 will suggest updating the import routes, this being a feature supported in JavaScript and TypeScript. The behavior of this feature can be modified through “javascript.updateImportsOnFileMove.enabled” and “typescript.updateImportsOnFileMove.enabled”, although it requires that the project have the files “jsconfig.json” or “tsconfig.json”.

Change in imports when a TypeScript or JavaScript file is moved in Visual Studio Code 1.24

Visual Studio Code 1.24 allows duplicate workspace to new window, this being a possible solution to the limitation of not being able to open the same workspace in two windows, something for which it is recommended to autosave files (files.autoSave) after a delay (afterDelay), in the change of focus (onFocusChange) or on the window change. On the other hand, the option to open a folder as a new workspace window is being deprecated.

At the documentation level, the part has been rewritten “Working with Docker” to show how to create, publish, and reuse Docker containers from Visual Studio Code. On the other hand, Microsoft has announced that it is working to manage MongoDB databases in the code editor using the extension Cosmos DB.