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Ubuntu 21.04 with Cinnamon, Deepin or Unity: unofficial variety

A week ago it was published Ubuntu 21.04, and as we have done on previous occasions, we want to remember those unofficial flavors that, little by little, are making a gap among GNU / Linux users, especially those who want experiences with desktops other than those supplied by the members of the official family.

Ubuntu Unity

This time we want to start with the nostalgic-oriented flavor: Ubuntu Unity. The name is already quite descriptive in itself when representing possibly the best effort to keep Unity 7 alive, the desktop environment that for years was the official face of Ubuntu until the return of GNOME. The return to GNOME was a somewhat traumatic change for many fans of the distribution founded by Mark Shuttleworth, mainly because it marked the end of Unity 8 and the entire strategy built around convergence.

And what do we find in Ubuntu Unity 21.04? Well, according to the release notes, we have the use of Linux 5.11, a new Yaru-Unity7 theme along with a new transparent launcher icon, new Hirsute Hippo wallpapers, a new theme for playmouth, fixes for the system monitor GNOME and broken Snap packages, plus missing notification for sound volume and screen brightness added.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix

In second place we have Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix, that flavor that possibly clashes a bit with the presence of the popular Linux Mint, because apart from offering a similar product, the “menthol” derivative is the project that develops the Cinnamon desktop environment, which It stands out for its balanced proposal compared to GNOME and KDE Plasma, which for years have presented antagonistic paradigms in many aspects.

Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix 21.04 includes the Cinnamon version 4.8.6 together with a security bug fix detected in screensaver, implementation of “suspend then hibernate”, fixes for grouped window lists and menu search mechanism, stability fixes applied to many parts of the environment (network, icons, Nemo file manager … ) and better integration with Flatpak. On the other hand, the Yaru theme has been branched into Yaru-Cinnamon and recolored.

Ubuntu DDE

Finally we mention UbuntuDDE Remix 21.04, which is Ubuntu with the Deepin desktop environment by default. The first thing those responsible remind us is that it is not an LTS release and that it has only 9 months of support, something that inherits from the original system.

Here we find the inclusion of “Elegant DDE Store software center”, Firefox 87 as the starting browser, LibreOffice 7.1.2 ~ rc2 as the default office suite (the same as in the official Ubuntu) and Linux 5.11 as the kernel to support Intel DG1, Intel Rocket Lake and the Vangogh, Green Sardine and Dimgrey Cavefish series from AMD. Also noteworthy are the Calamares installer and the “More exciting software packages in the future through OTA updates”.

Adding the official flavors and those that are not, the truth is that Ubuntu users cannot complain about the wide variety of existing implementations of the system, although Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix seems to tread the terrain of Linux Mint in a somewhat absurd way, a system that is nothing more than a modified Ubuntu with an additional repository and therefore with full compatibility with its mother distribution.