The world of messaging applications is as diverse as the types of users you are looking for; starting with a minimal text-based communication system, anyone It usually involves the ability to give him something else Exists in the large market of. From VoIP capabilities to video calling and the use of stickers, research shows that countries and user types have specific preferences.

One of the most famous uses in this area Viber, there It was one of the first to incorporate VoIP services For client-to-client and application-client-to-traditional calls. Now this app Comes with Windows 10 in universal app format And the ability to use it on any device with this operating system.

Viber today announced the availability of a universal app for Windows 10. Developed from scratch For the new Microsoft platform. Thanks to universal application technology, it can be used not only on smartphones but also on desktops and is easy to use. Install it Enjoy from the Microsoft Store.

Viber Money Windows 10 Implement messaging functions with stickers, calls and all end-to-end encryption.. It emerged in 2010 as a direct competitor to Skype and has since gained a large community of users who claim to implement one of the best VoIP features today. In addition, the company has itself compared to its direct competitors Calls to conventional telephones are up to 400% cheaper..

Skype is arguably a much more popular application than Viber, but when it comes to data, Viber is the winner. Same function, but uses less. Now you have the opportunity to test on Windows 10. Are you serious about giving it a try?