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Steps to Connecting to the Internet Securely in 2021

In today’s society one of the pillars that keep us together is undoubtedly the Internet. It is a necessity that all people have, either to work or to entertain ourselves, however, the network is not completely secure, so in this article we will explain the steps to connect to the Internet safely.

Are the steps to connect to the Internet safe for our data? 

At first it was not thought that the Internet was going to become as massive a medium as it is now. Virtually everyone has a cell phone and WiFi available almost 24 hours a day. All kinds of actions can be carried out on the Internet. Registration of personal data on web pages belonging to the government, purchases with credit cards, product reservations, among many others. But what exactly happens if the data provided to the pages is not protected?

Well, the internet being a free access site has no way of guaranteeing protection of user data, which is why devices such as cell phones, computers and others can become infected with viruses or have constant security flaws. These gaps that are created can allow the access data to banks or personal information or even the identity of people to be stolen, therefore, steps must be taken to connect to the internet safely.

These types of risks are always present when surfing the net and unless security measures are taken, there is no way to protect yourself from them. Thanks to the way we are handling ourselves in today’s world, many ways have been created to protect browsing data from present threats, as well as to protect devices from viruses and hacks.

Steps to connect to the Internet safely and without complications

There are several types of internet connections that have different functions and depending on which one is accessed, different precautions must be taken. Next, we will explain the steps to connect to the Internet or WiFi from a cellular device or laptop.


The steps to connect to the Internet safely are that you must first take into account the proper security parameters, since you must know how to use the PC and the modem to make a secure connection.

First you must check the box where the modem that was purchased was packed to provide connection and check that everything is in its place inside. This means that all the necessary objects must be present, the modem or router, the manual with the corresponding instructions, the power source, an ethernet cable and a telephone cable in addition to the bridge.

After you have made sure that everything in the box is complete, you should continue to place the modem as close to the PC as possible, it is important that it is turned on and connect the necessary cables from the modem to the computer. After everything is connected (you should be guided by the instructions present, because depending on the model you can change the way you do it), you should check that everything works the way it should, that is, that the connection works.

After you have the network connection working, we must continue with the next step to ensure that you will be protected when using this connection is to review and configure the browser, specifically Google Chrome.


On the Internet there are many misleading advertising that can bring viruses or inconveniences so the first thing to do is eliminate it. To block the so-called “pop-up windows” we must first enter the browser settings and select the “advanced settings”. After entering it, the “privacy and security” option will appear and then the “configuration and content” option will be selected.


Next, we must select where it says “pop-up windows and redirects” and after entering it, click on the button to be able to deactivate them completely. This will help significantly to reduce the amount of advertisements received and therefore help with the access that viruses have to the PC.

It is well known among Internet users that an important part of the help against hacking comes from antivirus. These can be presented as extensions within Google itself or as a downloadable program that will be found on the desktop of the same PC.

Regardless of the presentation, having one is incredibly necessary, since it is not common for viruses to escape to these programs. The best known and most used of all is Avast Security, although you could also get more options of these programs on the web without any problem.

If you want to obtain it as an extension within Google, you must first access the Chrome store and search for the name “Avast Online Security” and download it. This can be automatically activated among the browser options and thus, instantly this application will be in charge of carrying out a study of everything that is downloaded inside the computer so that its status is known before opening it, thus ensuring that you do not risk the team integrity.

A secure WiFi network 

Once you have a modem or router, it is necessary to secure the WiFi (that signal that provides wireless Internet to laptops and cell phones, tablets and consoles). First, the WiFi router must be connected to the PC that is being used to be able to access its security settings and to be able to set a password and others.


We must enter the command prompt and type the following command “ipconfig” and Windows will do the job of showing the available IP addresses. The so-called “default gateway” will be copied, it can be identified because it begins with the numbers “192.168” followed by the others, which vary.

After this, you must open Google Chrome and perform a search for it in the bar. From here the user identification tab will open. After being identified, you must enter the configuration.

Depending on the company, the pages can be different and this can make it difficult to provide the exact steps to follow. This being the case, you must work with the TP-LINK. Look for the option that indicates “Wireless” and click on it. Next, the name of the WiFi is configured and the region and country to which it belongs will be configured and then it will be saved.

WiFi password

Next, it will be explained how to configure the access key to the WiFi network so that not everyone has access to it. The decision should never be made to leave the WiFi without a password, this can cause serious access to the security of the home network and the information that is being saved is lost.

To carry out this action, you must access the “Wireless setting” option and choose the option called WPA / WPA2, in which the selected key will be written. It can be a long one with numbers or a simple one that is easy to remember, however, it is important that you do not forget which one it is, as it will be necessary to be able to access the internet with it.

It is suggested that pet names or important dates are not used, as they can be easily guessed by people who do not want to access the network from the personal router. Here is a video to help supplement the information given here and make your WiFi more secure.

Browse safely from your cell phone

Cell phones and mobile devices are usually prepared with the configurations and steps to connect to the Internet that are required to be able to navigate safely and without inconvenience, making them the devices where fewer precautions should be taken in case of being someone casual in the use of the Internet .

On a smartphone you can have access to the Internet via WiFi or through mobile data, the latter being the simplest option. In order to activate the mobile data of the cell phone, we will explain the steps below.

First we must access the cell phone’s control center and locate the mobile data option, touching it when viewing it, enabling or disabling it depending on the state it was in previously. And that’s how simple the mobile data of the phone is activated.

Getting the option to connect to WiFi requires a bit more time, but still doesn’t have the level of complication like connecting to a PC. You must locate the WiFi option, which is usually near the data option and touch it to turn it on, it will automatically start looking for networks to connect to, it does not matter if they are public or private, it is important to remember that if it is private, you must know its password.


Now, of course, you must be careful with this, because when connecting to a public WiFi network you are completely defenseless. A free network sounds good, right? You can enjoy the Internet without paying and without spending your own data, but do not trust, since these networks are the ones that usually bring the most bad news.


By connecting to a public network you run the risk of facing the following unfavorable situations. The first is the interception of communications, this means that the administrator (who is anyone who has access to the router configuration), can access the network information using this advantage.

The second is the theft of personal information. This, although uncommon by this means, happens more than what is credit, because when connecting to a network, information is shared and this means that it is easier for people connected to it, to extract these information folders.

The third is a virus that is present on the public network. Routers are vulnerable to malware and can pass them on to anyone who connects to it very quickly and there is not much that can be done against them, this means that you could be connecting to a network infected with viruses without knowing it.

Viruses can be quite dangerous, especially since there are those capable of directly damaging the configuration of certain computers. This can lead to a fault being generated within the hardware itself.

Tips, measures and steps to connect to the Internet  

Measures are never enough when it comes to protecting our information and our equipment, so you must have a basic understanding of ways to protect yourself. First, the operating system of the computer must always be kept up to date, since as applications are updated, threats that can affect browsing are also updated. All updates bring new ways to eliminate new difficulties, so they should always be kept up to date.


It is highly recommended that within the programs that are inside the PC or the cell phone, there are: an antivirus, a firewall, an antispam and an antimalware, all these programs that will help protect different parts of the information on the device and your hardware. There are many programs that have all the functions in one, these are usually paid, since they allow access to all these features, it depends on whether it is within your budget to obtain them.

Last additional points

In the event that downloads are to be made that do not involve applications such as the Android PlayStore or the Apple AppStore, they must always be done from the official website of the application, never from alternate links, no matter if they are invitations or emails. A very important trick is the use of incognito browsing. This helps to mask the use of important data such as bank passwords, as this browsing mode does not store any data and does not allow the browser to keep it.

It is important to always use WiFi networks that have passwords or that are from trusted people, especially when carrying out actions such as purchases on websites or bank transfers. These types of procedures should never be carried out connected to a public network, as they are, as we mentioned earlier, very easy for hackers to access.

With all the advice that has been provided above, we are confident that you will be able to stay protected from any threats that you may encounter while surfing the net. It is important to remember to be cautious and not to trust sites that are not safe or have not been previously verified and have not been confirmed as reliable. Always applying these tips guarantees a smooth experience on the Internet without any doubt.


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