There are only a few days left before the Windows 10 free period ends. Microsoft continues to encourage users to switch to the paid version as soon as possible. But not only does it encourage users and businesses to do so, it wants the educational community to do so too.

So they started an app called Set up a school PC to make the upgrade process as easy as possible For schools or teachers using Windows 10.The school facility pc is the purpose Administrators of technical networks in schools and educational institutionsHowever, it also acts as a powerful booster for removing malware from idle computers and applications, not to mention the ability to remove ads from Windows 10 Start Menu tiles.

Setting up a school pc will help remove non-educational items from your computer

To use the school setup PC, you must have it installed on a computer on your network and have network administrator privileges; when it finishes running, the application will process it Remove apps that are not useful for educational purposes Solitorio and Microsoft Sports too New applications such as Microsoft Classroom and Office 365 web applications are installed Some default settings apply as follows Microsoft Edge is included as the default browser Disables plugins and extensions that have nothing to do with the world of education.

The school setup PC is available via this link and is completely free of charge. This is definitely an important application. For teachers who don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 yet Or you complain about the new Windows. This is solved with elementary changes and knowing new places, but people still reject new things. Perhaps setting up a school PC will change the situation. What do you think?