The start menu is finally back in Windows 10, but a lot has changed since we last saw it in Windows 7. From a visual point of view, the first most notable difference is the addition of “live tiles”, which occupy the right side of the start menu to provide fast and accurate information from universal Windows apps.

For some users, surely these “live tiles” or “dynamic icons” are not a desired feature, since in part they take up a large part of the space, so they make the start menu larger than it was. If you’d rather have a smaller start menu, you’re in luck because there are ways to remove mosaics or live tiles.

Step one: remove “Live Tiles”

  • Naps looking for the way to reduce the size of the start menu In a single column, you have to start by removing all the live tiles from the right side of the menu.
  • To do this same one is right-clicked and “Unpin from startup” is selected.

Unpin from startup

  • We repeat this process with all the live tiles or dynamic icons in the start menu until we have not left one.
  • Now the start menu appear cleaner but taking up a lot of space. Let’s move on to the following.

Step 2: reduce the size of the start menu to a single column

  • Now we pass the pointer over the outside of the start menu space as if it were any window in Windows.

Live tiles

  • When the pointer changes to two arrows, press and hold the left mouse button, then drag to the left to reduce its size.
  • Now you will have the start menu well cut in dimensions and well ready to take full advantage of it if for whatever reason you did not like it as it was before.