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Recover Mobile Data Toggle on Galaxy S6 Edge

I am very proud of myself Samsung Galaxy S6 and the truth is that it is working as it should. He manages his energy well, he does not complain, he is not giving problems and some other things that are to be admired such as his outstanding camera.

Now, despite not being the only user who has a Galaxy S6 running at full capacity, there are also many others with problems of all kinds. In the network we see how the different mobile problemsIn one of the last, the quality of Samsung’s manufacturing was questioned, as the mobile completely took off its back showing its insides.

Some toggles disappear on the Galaxy S6

Quick settings disappear on the Galaxy S6

I have a friend with a Galaxy S6 Edge and it turns out that he is not doing as well as me (I had already told him then that he buys the normal S6 but nothing). Well, in some Galaxy S6, from what I have been able to see on the network, they are disappearing some toggles from the top bar of Quick Settings.

The disappearing toggles in question are Do not bother, Shared connection (I’m sure that some of them are missing and have not even realized it because they are less used settings) and also that of Mobile data which is very useful and everyone ends up realizing that it is missing.

The error occurs indifferently in both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in their international versions. Losing 3 quick functions by magic is not something that users have liked very much and from Samsung they propose a solution: Restore the terminal to factory state, but that does not assure us that the failure does not return.

How to return mobile data fast setting to Galaxy S6?

If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that, obviously, the settings continue to work from their corresponding configuration section although mobile data is often used too much to have to go looking for it.

Of course, you can return the toggle of mobile data thanks to an XDA Developers user who has created an application to return the most used toggle to the terminal and thus patch the problem until it is fixed at Samsung. To install it you just have to download the .apk and install it. Hope this quick fix has helped you. It is not known what the error comes to but some users, from what I have seen in the forums, claim that the problem could come to update some Google apps. Have any of you lost your toggle?