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PlayStation Classic uses an open source emulator »MuyLinux

Sony gets on the bandwagon of mini reproductions of retro consoles and will go on sale in December PlayStation Classic, a product closed and enclosed in a 45% smaller size that, however, will be governed at least in part by free software: specifically, by the PCSX emulator.

The story was picked up by our fellow MCs a few days ago and it’s really interesting, because according to count Sony tried to load the emulator at the time. PCSX emerged in 2000 and almost immediately, the Japanese giant pursued it legally. He did not achieve his goal and ended up buying the project, which concluded its development in 2003.

But PCSX was free software and it didn’t die. In fact, it can be found in the repositories of the main Linux distributions, although at this point in life it is more advisable to install PCSXR (PCSX-Reloaded, also in the repositories), based on the original, available for 64-bit systems and whose development has continued until recently.

The curious thing about the story is, indeed, Sony’s attitude then and now; but also some comments that can be read out there, disparaging the company for not having developed its own emulator and the software for considering it an “amateur” initiative. Nothing is further from reality, says the expert Frank Cifaldi: «It is the confirmation of THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE PLAYSTATION that a free emulator is good enough to be official«.

So what can you expect from the quality of the emulation? Our fellow MCs explain it like this:

«When we are going to buy a console that uses a current architecture to emulate the games of the original platform via software, it is essential to bear in mind that even if it comes from an official manufacturer, or is supported by it, it does not mean that it will offer a good user experience, that is, we will have the same experience as in the original console. “

«Sony alerts precisely of this in the licenses of use, indicating that although they have tried the games and that the result is generally satisfactory, they cannot guarantee that it will be perfect ”, which does not have to be a negative experience per se; but not the same level of the original console either.

Otherwise, PlayStation Classic will arrive with a selection of 20 classic games that leaves a bittersweet taste and will cost around 100 euros, so it is worth asking if the outlay is worth it. More information in the product page.