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Office 365 or standard Office: which is more profitable in terms of time

Not that long ago, the Microsoft team took it seriously and decided to roll out Office 365 to tackle piracy-related issues. This replaces the traditional Microsoft Office license, which can be paid for with a monthly or annual subscription. A one-time payment to be made for your Office license.

These types of versions have many advantages, such as: B. more updates, since these are not standard packages, or the synchronization of all offices with the OneDrive cloud, which offers more storage space. Other. However, First of all, it is important to see which of the two subscriptions is more profitable...

Office 365 and Office: more profitable in terms of time

As mentioned earlier, in this case Advantages of Office 365 from an undisputed cloud technology perspectiveSo if you need more space on OneDrive, please remove Outlook ads, Skype call times, etc. Maybe this is good for you. Buy one of the versions of Office 365Because the benefits it offers can help you.

However, if you just want to install the Microsoft Office suite locally, things change. The price for the Office 365 package is 69 euros or 99 euros per year With its most favorable modality According to the data on your website In the case of the The standard version makes a one-time payment of € 149It can be more profitable, depending on the time you use it.

Official Microsoft Office price comparison

In light of that, when you use it for reference If you use the personal license for 3 years or more, it will be used for 2 years or more so it will be more profitable., You pay more than the home and student licenses. Please note that if you avoid paying for the service, the service will be disabled immediately.

Nevertheless, The most profitable thing in Office 365 is to buy a home license and share it with the other six people.What you can do for free. Everyone pays € 16.50 per year. About 9 years after price Often a much more convenient home and student version.

As you can see, the advantage of using Office 365 is that you can share the license in question, which is often not possible It depends on the benefits and whether they are useful to you.. Keep in mind, however, that stores like Amazon often sell software products, so buying a subscription at this store can save you a little more. The products that interest you the most can be found below: