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New version of 3.2, the best free office suite ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

When we talk about word processors, spreadsheets and others, it comes to mind Word y Excel Referring to Microsoft Office, and we are all used to using this product from our childhood, however there are times when we want to try alternatives and that is where it comes into play OpenOffice, the biggest free office suite for different operating systems.

In this new version of 3.2 there are several changes, especially the compatibility with more formats has been optimized; the acquaintances of Microsoft Office and others of its kind, it has also put a lot of effort into self-correcting the processors and improving its spreadsheet in conjunction with the other applications.
In general, there are quite a few changes made in this new version, if you want to know in detail click on the link of the list of official site features. They are new improvements that will surely satisfy our user experience. 3.2 it is compatible with Windows in all its versions, with MacOSX and various Linux distributions. As in its previous versions, it is available in Spanish.

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