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new hook to steal your WhatsApp

How do you hear it! The latest scam circulating on the Internet consists of ask you for a password to be able to sign up for the third dose of the vaccine against COVID. So they can, nothing more and nothing less, reach steal your WhatsApp account with impunity.

Next, we will tell you everything about this new hook and we will show you how to stay safe. Hopefully Google’s scam detection tool takes that into account!

How Does the 3rd Vaccine Appointment Scam Work?

This new deception consists of impersonate Social Security identity to ask you for a supposed code that you need to receive the third dose of the COVID vaccine.

What really happens is that, for log in with your WhatsApp account on your device, they need the security code that will come to you in the SMS.

And to ask you, they will call you to give them that code as if it were a way to identify yourself to take your turn. The idea is that by distracting you with the call, do not realize that it is a WhatsApp code and give it to him.

If they succeed, WhatsApp sessions will be closed that you have open … Because now they will have the session started thanks to your code!

The WhatsApp verification code they can use to steal your account

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time that an SMS scam arises to get the necessary verification code to steal your WhatsApp account. So you have to be very careful!

Is there really a third dose of the COVID vaccine?

Yes, there is. However, it is reserved for a very small group of people within the risk group: elderly people, patients with autoimmune diseases …

So, if you belong to this group, you will know. Social Security will contact you, but it will not ask you for any code.

So for now you don’t have to worry about the vaccine if you already have both doses on.

Do not trust if they ask for a code to date for the third dose of the COVID vaccine

How you can protect yourself and prevent your WhatsApp account from being stolen

In the face of scams that consist of impersonating an entity, such as false suspension notifications from “Netflix”, the best thing is to distrust.

Always check that the sender be real, contact support whenever you need it and of course Never give codes that come to you by SMS to anyone, least of all strangers!

In fact, if you have been a victim of this scam, the best thing you can do is contact him whatsapp support so we can track the new login and get your account back to you.

Another step you can take to protect you from this scam specifically, and any other that wants to steal your WhatsApp account, is to activate two-step authentication. A) Yes they will need two security codes to be able to deceive you, and the safest thing is that they will leave you alone instead of calling you twice.

So, you know, if you want to keep your accounts safe, the key is to be suspicious and do not give the codes that can be reached by SMS to anyone. Be careful and you will be safe!