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MyCreditNow! , a bank intermediation company with 20 years of experience, launches its own franchise


This bank intermediation company with more than 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 clients located in Malaga, launches its own franchise throughout Spain. It offers the possibility of belonging to your franchise for less than 40,000 euros. Its success after two decades granting different types of loans and its experience, has endorsed this initiative by the financial

The MiCréditoYa! Franchise is a network of franchises in Spain that offers intermediation services in obtaining credits of different types, such as Mortgage Credits, Personal Credits, Business Credits, Debt Unification, Leasing, Renting, Payment Discounts, Hiring of all types of insurance policies, etc.

Through a wide specialized network of offices for processing all types of credits, present throughout the Andalusian Community, MiCréditoYa !, offers a service to thousands of people and companies who want to solve any economic difficulty in the national territory.

The MiCréditoYa! Franchise specializes in obtaining the best financial operation, to satisfy the needs of its clients. The franchisees, who operate by zones, have a high knowledge and mastery of them, which is why they offer a high quality service. The highest priority of the company is the full satisfaction of customers, with which they always offer a professional and complete service, which covers all financial needs. The experience, presence in all the capitals of Andalusia, professionalism and knowledge of the market guarantee MiCréditoYa !.

After many years operating in Malaga, the Financial Franchise MyCreditNow!, has gone from having an office in the Capital of Malaga and a branch in Marbella, to having more than 10 today. In recent years it has experienced an amazing growth, which proves the business success of MiCréditoYa! , and the effort of its franchisees. These figures make the franchise MyCreditNow! , in a an absolutely consolidated company with the prospect of continuing to grow.

The MiCréditoYa! Franchise is part of a business group with experience acquired in more than 20 years of activity in the financial intermediation services sectors.

How much?

  • Initial Investment: € 35,000
  • Royalty: To be defined by the franchisor
  • Advertising Fee: Define By Franchisee
  • Exclusivity Zone: Yes
  • Contract Term: 5 Years (Extendable)
  • Minimum Population: 25,000 Inhabitants.
  • Local Area: 25 M2.
  • Personnel: Only The Franchisee
  • Investment Amortization: Short Term According To Dedication

Keys to the Business

  • Ongoing Training By The Franchisor
  • Latest Technologies And Own Software
  • A Regional Brand And Recognized At A Regional Level
  • A Powerful Franchisee Service Network
  • Real Possibilities of Internal Growth
  • Continuous Technical Support

Organization And Expansion

  • Company creation: 2000
  • Start of expansion: 2018
  • Spain network: 10 franchisees
  • Preferred Zones: Andalusian Region
  • Spanish nationality

Contact information
Calle Ingeniero de la Torre Acosta, 1 – Arcadia Building – Block 2 – Mezzanine 1ºA 29007 Málaga
CP: 29007 Málaga (Málaga) – Tlf .: 951 38 12 50 – 650 11 01 81


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