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My mobile gets very hot: what do I do?

This question is not asked by many users today and it has an explanation that we will give you in the course of this post, you also have to know how can you avoid or fix it. In the first instance, it is normal for mobiles to heat up but it can be caused by an anomaly in our terminal and therefore, we must be very careful. Although, in summer it is very common for mobiles to overheat.

Why does my mobile get hot? We have to take into account that nowadays applications and games come with very demanding graphics that force the operation of our mobile and therefore, it can get a little hot.

On the other hand, we have miniature cameras that capture videos as if they were high definition cameras and obviously, they also require our mobile. That is, as mobile technology advances, it is normal for them to get hot when they work.

Why does my mobile get hot?

First of all, we have to bear in mind that mobiles are very small and the hardware of each terminal is very tight. If you have the opportunity to see a device inside, you will see that each piece fits perfectly and is something studied by manufacturers, each piece is separated from the other by millimeters. Did you know? That said, It is very normal for our mobile to heat up.

In themselves, they do it because all the components of a smartphone generate heat when they start to work And it’s like any other electronic device, they all get a little hot. What do manufacturers do to dissipate that heat? Manufacturers begin to work on optimizing the components and use materials that dissipate heat throughout the surface of the mobile so that the temperature remains the same. We have even seen that Samsung already has a liquid system that dissipates heat and has implemented it in the Galaxy S7.

Can these high temperatures affect the performance of the smartphone?

Samsung gets very hot

Of course it affects performance, high temperatures in a mobile cause its performance to decline. Let’s see, we have to take into account that the normal temperature of a terminal is 30 degrees Celsius and when we open any application that requires a lot of effort, it will change abruptly because the processor and the other components begin to force themselves.

Should I be concerned if this happens? It is normal that it happens and you do not have to worry, since the mobile should heat up and part of all that temperature is noticeable when we have the mobile in our hands. Something you have to know is that when you feel the mobile hot, it is because the mechanisms that dissipate the heat are acting.

On the other hand, if you can get to an extreme case of overheating out of the ordinary as was the case with the Qualcomm processor (Snapdragon 810), which suffered from these evils. What was wrong with this processor? its performance was reduced when it got hotter and therefore, many manufacturers stopped using it.

These are the reasons why the mobile heats up

The causes are very common and it is very easy to deduce why our mobile is heating up. In the first place are games that require a lot of resources from the device hardwareSecond, we have extremely heavy applications that take up a lot of space and applications that run in the background.

On the other hand, we have the connectivity section (Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and others). Nevertheless, that the mobile is hot is very common and you do not have to worry, since the operating systems themselves include resource management methods and thus, your mobile will save battery and therefore, it will not heat up.

Now, you will surely wonder what the battery has to do with making the mobile hot and we have to tell you that it has a lot to do, since it is precisely during the charging phase, where we can notice that the mobile gets very hot and for this reason, it is advisable to place the mobile to charge in an environment where the temperature is isolated (remove the lining, do not put it under the pillow, charge the mobile all night …).

On the other hand, if you continue to notice that it gets too hot, you can try changing the cable with which you charge it or changing the battery.

In conclusion, do I worry or not?

AIDA64 screenshots

You should not worry, but if this already has you on the verge of madness, we have an application that has caught our attention. allows to collect data from all internal sensors of the phone and thus, you will see the thermal section of it. Yes indeed, do not trust at all the applications that “help you to cool down your mobile”.


On the other hand, if you feel that your mobile is very hot, you can choose to close all applications or restart it, that always helps to lower the temperature of your terminal. Did you know that this is normal?