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Micro SD problem on OnePlus X

Just yesterday an AndroidPhoria user contacted us to inform us that his new OnePlus X did not recognize the micro SD card. After digging a bit and exchanging a couple of messages with him, the user had made sure that the microSD did work without problems in other terminals and has even tried a second microSD.

Apparently we have started to investigate a little and in the OnePlus forums we have found a lot of users who have been affected by it microSD problem on OnePlus X after updating Oxygen OS version via OTA to version (OxygenOS 2.1.2 build 14_151103).

microSD OnePlus X

How to fix the microSD problem on the OnePlus X?

There are users who have been doing tests and have found that many times, formatting the card to NFTS solves (especially 64 GB capacity cards or higher) and sometimes, with 2 GB cards or low capacity cards it is enough to format it to FAT. In other cases it is in permanent error checking but it does not seem that there are many users who get it to work well.

Anyway, although this all seems a bit messy (switching to NTFS format is not complicated if we have a PC) OnePlus is already aware of the problem and working on a solution for it. The same thing happens with the memories that are used via USB OTG since the problem seems to reside in the management of the file systems, especially in the management of large file systems and suggests that it occurs with the latest update.

OnePlus already works on the problem to fix the errors with the microSD

Storage does not appear in Settings -> Storage. Also sometimes it does not allow to move the applications to the SD although it is not that it is highly recommended. Now the OnePlus team has to work hard to fix and improve all the changes related to the microSD and the interface. The problem with formatting the microSD card in NFTS format is that it is not recognized in some environments but in the file explorer it does recognize it and things can be moved to it, it is better than nothing, although you should know that a solution will come soon.