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Mayhem Triple, addictive game for the weekend ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Starting today and every Friday, in we will share a free game for the weekend, in order to free ourselves from stress and have healthy fun on the PC. Having said this and hoping that it is to everyone’s liking, we started this new category with Mayhem Triple.

Mayhem Triple is one of those simple but highly addictive games, this time we are facing an alien invasion action packed, where the invaders are rabbits armed to the teeth and mutant beings, ready to destroy humanity and destroy everything in their path.


Your mission will be to destroy all of them, defend humanity and save the earth. For this you will have various weapons, from the simplest to the most destructive. With the money you get from the dead rabbits you can buy more weapons, health and improvements.

The game is full of surprises, the gameplay, the sound, the effects, the animations, the atmosphere, the humor and the entire development of the game is very well done. A excellent quality.

You will not regret downloading this portable game only 24 MB, the following video of the presentation of Mayhem Triple says it all by itself.

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Official site: Mayhem Triple
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