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Locket is the most downloaded app so far this year: what is it for?

History repeats itself but Will this time end the same? In 2021 Clubhouse was a trend for being an exclusive social network for iOS, in which its members communicated through audio, very different from what we have seen on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. The idea seemed to promise a lot, but several mistakes made Clubhouse be forgotten.

Now, a new exclusive iOS app is on everyone’s lips, it’s Locket. An app with an Instagram air and that knows how to make the most of the iPhones interface. We explain how it works.

Locket: how does it work?

Locket is an image sharing app. Surely you are wondering what is original about it, It’s something we already do on Instagram. Well, in this case you can share images to your partner, family or friends through a widget on your home screen.

That is, on your home screen you can see photos that you share, as if it were a portrait. Something quite emotional and that has a backstory. Locket was developed by Matt Moss, an American programmer, who thought this would be a nice idea to keep their relationship at a distance.

Locket became popular thanks to TikTok

The irony is that the person responsible for Locket being so downloaded so far this month (it has been available since January 1) has been nothing more and nothing less than TikTok. Yes! Because If there is something that we all have to admit, it is that TikTok is the application par excellence to viralize content. Matt Moss created an account to publicize his app and in a short time it reached hundreds and then thousands and millions of users.

Nowadays, Locket is the most downloaded app in the United States and the seventh most popular in Spain. For such a new app, this is a truly admirable achievement.

Will Locket be available for Android?

As his popularity continues to grow, Locket will most likely come to Android soon. And, if we have learned anything from the failure of Clubhouse, it is that this is the best strategy. Android may not be as “exclusive” as iOS, but it has a huge number of users around the world, which can help position this new social network.

Of course, as soon as it is available in the Google store, we will be the first to notify you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Do you think there is room for another social network today? Or maybe we’ve already reached the limit. tell us in the comments.