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Lock, hide and encrypt folders in Windows ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Secure Folder

Privacy is one of the most relevant aspects that every user needs, since keeping our files safe and protected from other people’s eyes gives us the peace of mind that our equipment is in a certain way safe and invulnerable. For this, for example in the case of protect folders, we can assign them access passwords (encrypt), block them or simply hide them. There are many tools for each of these tasks, but what better way to use one that offers us all the aforementioned in a single program, such is the case of Secure Folder.

Secure Folder is a free tool for windows, with which you can protect your folders in a fairly simple, safe and effective way; Among the options you can choose are: Lock, Hide and Encrypt. You can do it in two ways, from the program’s own interface or by right-clicking on the folder to protect, since when the program is installed it is added to the context menu with the option «[Lock/Unlock] with Secure Folder».

To access the program you need a password, which means that only you can manage the protection of your folders and is synonymous with greater security, speaking of its interface design it is pleasant and intuitive despite being only in English. The only limitation is that the Lock option is not supported (compatible) on disks with the FAT / FAT32 file system, however the rest works perfectly.

Secure Folder It is free, compatible with Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit edition), it is in English and its installer file has a size of 194 KB. Additionally, .NET Framework 2.0 is minimally required

Official site | Descargar Secure Folder