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Linux is imposed on Azure and Microsoft proclaims itself the number one in open source »MuyLinux

Few business areas are giving the software giant as much joy as its cloud services platform, and what they might once have taken as an offense, today they openly celebrate: Linux is already the most used system in Microsoft Azure.

The news is given by Scott Guthrie, vice president of the cloud and enterprise division at Microsoft, in an interview that echoes ZDNet. «Slightly more than half of Azure virtual machines are Linux«, Says the executive, adding that«Linux goes up every month«.

With a different name and form, but with the same background, Microsoft Azure launched in 2010, two years later opening the door to Linux. Since then the presence of the open system has not stopped progressing and, reaching its highest incidence in 2016 and 2017, it was a fact that the growing portfolio of Redmond customers are not interested in Windows Server.

No problem. As they say, Microsoft is in the business of agreeing with the customer. «We go where the customers are“Says Raghu Ramakrishnan, CTO in the company’s data division. «If you want Linux, we will give you Linux, if you want MySQL, we will give you MySQL; if you don’t want NoSQL, we won’t give you NoSQL«.

But Microsoft does not stop there. They are not only there to offer the client what they want: more and more use Linux internally, according to Guthrie. «Native Azure services often run on Linux. Microsoft is creating more such services. For example, Azure’s Software Defined Network (SDN) is based on Linux«.

However, there is Linux at Microsoft beyond Azure: «Check out our concurrent release of SQL Server for Linux. All our projects are now running on Linux“Guthrie adds. And he is right, as long as we do not go beyond the servers and development field.

For years we have seen how major distributions have been coming to Azure and, more recently, how large corporate Linux providers adapt their products for the Microsoft cloud, including Canonical, Red hat and SUSE. The one with the red hat, however, is the one that has the most refined solutions in this regard, as well as the most outstanding collaborator of the company led by Satya Nadella.

In any case, it is nothing out of the ordinary. Microsoft long ago recognized that accepting Linux and open source was’a practical business decision«. Which is correct. But they are not satisfied with that, it seems.

«We recognized that open source is something that all developers can benefit from. It’s not good, it’s essential. It’s not just code, it’s community. We are not simply dedicated to launching code on a website, we now publish our roadmap and work with external collaborators“Says Guthrie.

And it culminates, recalling in passing the last major purchase of the company and a previous outstanding event: «We have more than 20,000 Microsoft employees on GitHub. We have more than 200 open source projects. We are the biggest open source supporter in the world«.