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Linux Foundation defends Microsoft for the purchase of GitHub »MuyLinux

«Judge us by the actions we have taken in the recent past, by our current actions and by those we take in the future“Said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, when he himself officially announced the purchase of GitHub. He also said it, after ensuring that “they go for all with open source”, adding that they recognize the responsibility they are assuming and that GitHub “will operate independently and will remain an open platform«.

But the reluctance to trust the American giant is many in part of the developer ecosystem that populates GitHub, especially in the west wing of the site, that of open source, where the not so recent past is still very present. Perhaps because of that and after the massive reaction of leaving GitHub, Linux Foundation comes to the defense of the company and the acquisition, qualifying it as «good news for the open source world«.

The note is signed by Jim Zemlin, president of the Linux Foundation, who does not hesitate to recommend that “we should celebrate Microsoft’s smart move«. Other fragments to rescue were summarized by our colleagues from VeryComputer, where they picked up the news this morning and the extensive quote that we put below.

Buying GitHub doesn’t mean Microsoft has a sinister plan in mind to ‘own’ more than 70 million open source projects. Most of the major projects on GitHub are licensed under an open source license, which deals with intellectual property. The IP trademark and other assets are often owned by a non-profit organization such as the Linux Foundation.

All developers whose projects are hosted on this platform retain ownership of the code.

Microsoft, under the leadership of Satya Nadella, has completed its transition from an open source adversary to a world-class player. Microsoft has been unlocking a ton of code and hiring the best developers who are deeply committed to open source.

This is not a sudden change. Microsoft has become the main contributor to Linux and Kubernetes, develops and distributes Linux-based products, has opened .NET, and is a sponsor of the Linux Foundation, Apache Software Foundation, Open Source Initiative, and many similar endeavors. His commitment to open source started and has been active for years.

What is the reason for such fervent defense, beyond what is mentioned, read Microsoft’s membership in the Linux Foundation (it is also a member of the Open Source Initiative, among others), or the increasing involvement with this development model, to which In the past they rejected and attacked, as well as the amount of open source that the company generates? Well, as everything seems to indicate, what the stampede is very real.

Two days after the news was known, we told you that GitLab was taking advantage of the opportunity with the education sector and the open source sector, and the migration data they offered was amazing. But as we also told then, not all projects can afford to jump from one platform to another in a few days and you can already read how many large projects are packing their bags or will do them shortly.

Therefore, the cloak that the Linux Foundation throws at Microsoft is well founded: the enemy of open source is no longer so and is changing to an unheard of level; But the danger that GitHub will be like a plague is there, because even with all the intention of the world a megacorporation like Microsoft can change overnight.

On the other hand, the latest data indicated that more than 85 million repositories from more than 28 million developers are hosted on GitHub, so they have to do it very badly so that the indentation is noticeable in an ostensible way. In fact, Microsoft now has a golden opportunity to wash his image a bit more and to endorse Nadella’s words: release everything that the creators of GitHub never released.