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LibreOffice 6 updates its getting started guide »MuyLinux

The Document Foundation announces in its official blog the publication of the new edition the office suite start guide. This is the typical software introduction and use manual, where its main functions are listed and explained. The novelty in this case is the update to the new stable version of the applications, that is, to LibreOffice 6.

LibreOffice 6 was released last January, and after rigorous updates, in June it was approved as the new version for production environments. Shortly after, not a couple of months ago, LibreOffice 6.1 did the same, which remains the most modern version, for those who do not have high stability requirements.

The new LibreOffice starting guide collects the news of LibreOffice 6, as well as it will collect those of successive minor versions that appear. But be careful, because it is not a deep guide, but as its name indicates, a introductory guide. To delve more into the functions and characteristics of each of the applications that make up the suite, there is separate documentation.

There is another but: it is only available in English. The documentation in Spanish continues to refer to LibreOffice 5.2, so this it is a good time to be encouraged to lend a hand and, simply, help translate what is necessary, taking advantage of the fact that the documentation in English is much more advanced.

Something that The Document Foundation has put on the table with this version of the guide is precisely how complicated its maintenance has been so far. To solve it, they are preparing new protocols and tools with which to facilitate the task.

To thoroughly review the available documentation: