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Learn how to calibrate your mobile battery to extend its useful life

The battery is one of the components of our smartphone What else keeps us awake. A mobile having a great autonomy immediately makes it an attractive device. Not surprisingly, it is the element for phones most bought in the world. In this article we will show you how calibrate the battery from your terminal, to extend its life time.

Calibrate your smartphone battery

The useful life battery a mobile is between 12 and 18 months. After this time has elapsed, the battery may begin to fail, and even more so if it is uncalibrated. The most common problem in these cases is the percentage of load shown in the screen. This information is usually wrong if the battery is not calibrated.

Increase battery life on Android

But How to calibrate the mobile battery? It is much easier than you might think. Basically calibrate battery is to correct the errors that have occurred in the digital control from the terminal. This is a routine of maintenance that you should do at least once every three months. What does this routine consist of? We will explain it to you in three simple steps:

  • Use your device until the battery is completely drained. This will allow once you connect it to receive load optimally.
  • When you terminal is fully discharged, wait six hours before connecting. Then (without turning it on) charge it until the battery fill completely.
  • When the mobile has reached all of the load, leave it connected for two more hours.

As you can see, they are simple steps, but they can save or at least extend the life of your battery. Also, before complying with this routine make sure that the battery is in good condition. If not, you will only waste time trying calibrate a battery damaged to no avail.

Calibrating the battery really works


By complying with the routine maintenance of the battery of your mobile, you will be lengthening its useful life. This can work as long as you avoid doing things that harm your battery. For example, keep your smartphone connected after the battery has reached 100% charge. This can increase the temperature and the impending battery decalibration. Nor are the fast charges or for just a few minutes, this is detrimental to the life of Battery.