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Install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus

The guys at XDA Developers always do a great job doing these things, and now we can now install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus. In this case everything has been possible thanks to the developer FireLord. And it is that as we know, low-budget devices do not usually have this luck, but in this case the tables have turned. We tell you how to install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus:

Install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus

If you have a Galaxy Star Pro or Plus You are in luck, because you can now install TWRP in order to make the most of the possibilities of your terminal. This is possible thanks to FireLord, an XDA developer, who has told us the whole process to install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus.

Install TWRP on Galaxy Star Pro and Plus

What we will have to do will be the following:

  • Turn on USB debugging in developer options.
  • Turn off the device. Then press and hold the Power button + Vol Down + Home. If we do this, a yellow triangle warning should appear.
  • Press the volume up button. We should be in download mode.
  • Open Odin on the PC.
  • All Untick.
  • Connect the phone to the PC via USB cable.
  • In Odin click on “PDA” (3.0.7) or “AP” (3.0.9).
  • Select recovery.tar.md5.
  • Press Start.
  • Quickly remove the battery.
  • Insert the battery again, and press the power button + Vol up + Home, now the Samsung logo should appear.
  • You already finished. If you see a red exclamation at the top left of the screen, you have installed CWM-recovery.

Ready to receive custom ROMs?

After doing this, Galaxy Star Pro and Plus may receive custom ROMs. So if you want to squeeze your terminals more and have more options, now you know how to do it thanks to this developer. Of course, we are not responsible for what may happen

In the event that you prefer to avoid installing custom ROMs and rest easy, you won’t have to do any of this. Remember that it is up to you to want to exploit your terminal more, because you can always wait for OTAs.

Any questions you can ask us, although you can also take a look at the comments of the article by these guys from XDA who are geniuses and dominate the subject.

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