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How to trade cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin with automatic software?

In recent years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading It has become one of the most vigorous activities in the current market. That is why we decided to open a section on the blog dedicated to all this world. There are many doubts and questions that you ask us and we are trying to answer a large part of them. The other day, the user Carlile82 asked us if we knew of any program that allows novices and expert users to automate functions and make trading more agile, so that we do not have to be entering and leaving the large platforms that do nothing more than crash when mass orders start.

To answer Carlile82, we have made a post about a program that we are using right now: TheTradingkeeper. But what is it about this program that we have found so recommendable? Let’s first give some brief theoretical notes for the most inexperienced in this world, and then we go in depth with the reviews.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

First of all, we must define what cryptocurrencies are. These are digital currencies whose purpose is to be used through transactions in a virtual way.

These options have opened a new financial market with all the complexity that this implies; in which the cryptocurrency trading it is an important part; that is, trading and being able to make speculative predictions about the behavior of this type of currency.

So that we understand each other, it is about buying and selling our cryptocurrencies in the short term to try to make a profit. Sell ​​high, buy low.

Advantages of trading with automatic software

The use of Automatic software represents a great advantage, since with them an increase in income can be achieved, at the same time that there is a considerable decrease in losses; all without the need for user intervention.

These software are based on trend indicators that allow you to do operations automatically at the best time, based on algorithms and the study of market behavior; without the need for the user to be in front of the computer at all times.

For the management of cryptographic assets, more and better options have been developed that facilitate the work of those who deal with them. Although at the beginning the target was Bitcoin, these options have not been limited to it, including more and more cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency trading with automatic software allows operations to be carried out without user intervention; more than at the time of having to configure the options. These software take care of buying and selling currencies at the most opportune moments; based on algorithms and strategies established in advance.

About TheTradingkeeper

Once the above has been clarified for the less expert, we begin to answer Carlile82’s question more fully.

TheTradingkeeper is a Spanish software, developed by a group of engineers and experts in trading. The program tries to fill that void that exists in the world of cryptocurrencies after the boom of these and the little capacity that exchanges to provide real solutions to users. Because, how many of you (if you trade) have not had your bitcoin orders blocked Binanceo Poloniex?

Why choose TheTradingkeeper?

Carry out Trading cryptocurrencies with automatic software represents a significant saving of time, which also translates into saving money. This does not mean that by using this type of program we will always win or become rich overnight.

From its use I can deduce the following:

  • It offers users a wide range of options that regular exchanges cannot offer; being able to carry out several operations at the same time.
  • Doing Cryptocurrency trading on TheTradingkeeper The possibilities of increasing profits are increased, while losses are reduced, thanks to its exclusive software.
  • Its software works 24 hours a day to ensure that all transactions are carried out in real time.
  • Having a 30-day trial version, if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. This point is vital for me, since I have long since stopped buying programs that do not have any type of guarantees.

Can we trust ourselves?

One of the great fears in relation to the use of this type of services are the risks to which you may be exposed; such as the use of defective software that does not sell and buy when we have indicated it (it has happened to us in large exchanges), hidden commissions for each transaction, extra charges on the card for automatic contracting for exceeding certain limits, etc …

In that sense we can rest easy, because far from being located in the Russian steppes or in a remote location in China, they have a physical headquarters in Barcelona and you can call and speak with them, either by phone or by email.

Features of this software

  • Total privacy of pending purchase and sale orders, avoiding deep walls.
  • Possibility of using TakeProfit and Stop Loss in the same operation (this is not provided by most exchanges)
  • Automation of a Stop Loss dynamically that adjusts to the rise in price.
  • Protection of capital, giving the possibility of opening sales orders, even for cryptocurrencies that are not yet owned.
  • It includes a calculator that allows you to have the correct control and management of capital.
  • Real-time notifications of each of the account movements via email.
  • It allows placing pending orders without limits, depending on the maximum of the bank with which it is handled.
  • It uses execution forks in each of its functions, thus increasing the possibility of making successful purchases and sales, depending on the parameters that are established for it.
  • This software can copy and import other users’ strategies, which can help improve your own account flow.

Well, so far today’s reviews, in the next post we will return with more bitcoin, more cryptocurrencies and more programs themselves.

If you want to try the program, you can access from here to the period of 30 days free.