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How to temporarily pause updates in Windows 10

Updates are arguably one of the most important aspects of maintaining security and implementing new features and some other benefits. And Windows doesn’t reduce that – regularly Different types of updates are usually releasedThanks to users can enjoy interesting news.

However, in some cases, for example, the fact that you have to restart your computer in order to install the update can be a little annoying, now you shouldn’t worry about that as there is a pretty simple solution that will allow you to do this in a practical way Postpone all Windows 10 updates for a while..

Therefore, you can temporarily postpone the update in Windows 10.

As mentioned earlier, probably the least advisable to pause them is as a lot of improvements have been made thanks to the update but you may not have other options, the first thing to note is that it is official Microsoft allows Windows Update to be suspended for up to 35 daysTherefore, depending on the date you choose, this is the maximum date that you can postpone the update from today. After that, it will automatically start searching and installing.

With this in mind, configure this via the start menu Settings app, Select in the main menu Update and security option.. Then make sure you have selected the Windows Update menu on the left. Select “Advanced Options”.. At the end you just have to go down [更新を一時停止]In the section, select the maximum date You can find it in the drop-down list below.

Stop Windows 10 update

If you do this as soon as the selected day comes, as long as the device is active and connected to the Internet Check the Microsoft server for newer versions available and start the download if it is Install quickly.