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How to take screenshots in Chrome’s incognito mode

One of the best Google browser tools is the Chrome incognito mode. A function that we can activate natively so that whenever you open this application you enter this mode by default.

It is a much more private way of browsing and it can save you more than a headache, as well as being very useful in certain situations. Although it must be recognized that this function has a great limitation: it cannot be take screenshots in Chrome incognito mode.

Surely on more than one occasion you have tried to take a screenshot and the well-known message of “Can’t take screenshot of private content“. Luckily, there is a way around this annoying restriction.

Canary, the best way to take screenshots in incognito mode

  Chrome Canary

All thanks to Canary, the trial version of Google Chrome that allows you to access all kinds of additional functions that are not available in the original browser. A great advantage, since you will try the new features of Chrome before anyone else, but it has a big problem: it is a bit unstable.

Being a version for you to test new functions that Google is testing and then implement them in Chrome, this application receive updates constantly (an average of one daily), so you must also take this detail into account.

In return, you can enjoy many benefits, such as be able to take screenshots in incognito mode. Say that, although it is less stable, Canary is part of the Google app ecosystem, so you can link your account and use this browser just like Chrome.

How to activate incognito captures within Chrome?

steps screenshot chrome incognito

You will have to use the flags. We are talking about a series of tools that allow you to activate or deactivate some functions, such as the possibility of taking screenshots in incognito mode using Chrome.

  • To access them, all you have to do is write “Chrome: // flags” without the quotes in the search bar. You will see a menu with different options.
  • Type in the search engine “Incognito” to get to the section that interests you.
  • Within it, Look for the Incognito Screenshot option and click on Default.
  • You’ll see three options appear, select Enabled.
  • Finally, a notice will appear indicating that, if you want the changes made to take effect, Google Chrome must be restarted. You just have to give Relaunch to restart the browser.

If you have followed the steps correctly, you can now take screenshots in Chrome incognito mode normally. Finally, we leave you the download link so you can try Canary. You will not regret!


It is possible that this feature will also reach the stable version of Chrome, but at the moment it only works in this development version.