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How to set up autosave in Microsoft Word for Windows

One of the biggest concerns about creating a Word document from Microsoft Windows can be its contents due to damage of any kind to the device, such as a power failure like the one that can occur in Excel or PowerPoint. The file is lost.

However, if you have an Office 365 subscription, there is an easy way to avoid this. This will The content of the document you create is synced directly to OneDriveIn other words, Redmond’s own cloud file storage system. In this way, your changes are synchronized directly and are not only accessible to all devices linked to this account, but you can also restore your content at any time.

How to configure the automatic saving of Microsoft Word documents in Windows.

As already mentioned, thanks to the Auto-Save configuration available in Microsoft Word, locally initiated documents can be saved in the company’s own cloud and all changes can be applied immediately. For this we remember that it is necessary The latest version of Microsoft Office is installed The device in question and Correctly linked Microsoft account (both personal, work and education accounts can be used without any problems)..

What is shown above if the above requirements are met? In the left corner you will see a small slider that activates the automatic saving of the document You’re working on the problem. Just press and you will be asked for the cloud account you want to save the document to and navigate to the location of that file later. What you can choose according to your taste..

Enable auto-saving of documents to the cloud in Microsoft Word

Word once you’ve chosen all of the above The document upload starts automaticallyIt is true that it depends on the internet connection speed and the size of the document, but it shouldn’t take much time. Later, when you add or change content, the top bar holds the content; Update documents in the cloud storage location.. That way you don’t have to save it if you lose it or if you use it regularly or if you are done.