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How to reply to emails on Android Wear (with keyboard)

On one occasion I myself recommended that you not use the keyboard on Android Wear, because it is a complete disaster. And this is what I began to think after discovering “Mail for Android Wear“, An application that could change your life completely, because not only will we be able to read all the mail comfortably from the smart watch but also answer through the physical keyboard of these guys. We tell you how reply to emails on Android Wear with keyboard with an app:

How to reply to emails on Android Wear with keyboard

If you have a smartwatch with Android Wear, surely you are interested in knowing an application to manage email So what integrates keyboard: Mail for Android Wear.

reply to emails on Android Wear with keyboard

Mail for Android Wear & Gmail It is one of the most complete applications that I know, with which we will be able to do the following at least:

  • Review the messages from your smartwatch
  • Open a message to read it in its entirety on the watch itself
  • Respond with a physical keyboard: a full keyboard That will allow us to write the exact answer that we want to send, after finishing we will only have to confirm it. We can also reply by voice or with predefined messages, so we will have it all.
  • Forward a message from your smartwatch, you just have to select the contact (also from the smartwatch) and the email will be sent automatically
  • Archive the message: from your smart watch you will also have the power to archive messages
  • Delete the message: delete the email from the watch itself
  • Block the app: block the app from receiving anything else

As we can see, we are facing a very complete email application for the smart watch, because we can do practically everything. It is very comfortable to be able to read the mail no matter how long it is, and besides the keyboard is a plus because as it is designed for Mail for Android Wear it fits perfectly.

Download Mail for Android Wear on Google Play

If you want to dive into a new way to reply to email from your Android Wear smartwatch, now you can with Mail for Android Wear. We have the app to download on Google Play, totally free, and the note at the moment is 4.1 so the community seems to be as happy as we are.

Feel free to try this app for your watch and tell us what you think in the comments. Any questions you can write to us. Do you already know how to answer emails on Android Wear with a keyboard?

Download | Mail for Android Wear & Gmail on Google Play