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How to record in Cinema mode with the new iPhone 13 and get the effect of movies

Have arrived several novelties to the iPhone cameras thanks to iOS 15 and the new iPhone 13. From the macro mode of the iPhone 13 Pro to the photographic styles through the Cinema mode, which allows us focus on different shots during recording and even in post-production. Let’s see how to use this Cinema mode to achieve the most spectacular results.

A dynamic approach and post-production to customize as much as we want

The Cinema mode allows us to focus on different planes of a shot to create a blur in the rest of the shots and enrich the story that we communicate with each video. The system is designed to operate semi-automatically, which means that under certain conditions the same iPhone takes care of applying the approaches and, at the same time, it offers us to focus where we want with a single touch.

Image 2021 10 01 At 09 09 53

With that said let’s see how to use the Cinema mode step by step according to the effect we want to achieve. The steps to follow are those:

  1. We open the app Camera on our iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro.
  2. We slide to the right or left in the center of the screen until we select the Cinema mode, which is highlighted in yellow at the bottom.
  3. If necessary, we touch on the screen to focus on the subject or object that we want to highlight at the beginning of the shot.
  4. Let’s start recording.
  5. Let another person or object enter the shot, always at a different distance from the camera than the main subject, and the system will focus on it. When two people are in the frame, the one looking at the camera will focus. Alternatively we can touch on the screen to focus on the area that we want.
  6. We press the trigger to stop recording.

Image 2021 10 01 At 09 10 51

Easy right? As we can see, once we have the Cinema mode activated, the system takes care of everything. If during the taking We will notice that it does not focus exactly on what we want, it is best to continue recording also why? Because we can edit the focuses in post-production. We do so:

  1. We open the app Photos of our iPhone 13 or 13 Pro.
  2. We look for the video in Cinema mode that we want to edit.
  3. We hit the button Edit in the upper right.
  4. We slide the playback indicator to find the point where we want to change the focus.
  5. We touch the area that we want to focus on in the video display.
  6. We touch OK.

Image 2021 10 01 At 09 10 57

Note, in step five, that when we select a section of the video to modify the focus the manual focus icon in the upper left turns yellow. Also note that the subject on which we focus will be marked with a yellow square.

If we want to modify a manual focus, which is represented in with a small yellow mark followed by dots at the bottom of the video, just touch it and touch the button that appears above it to remove that focus. As we do so, we will notice that the video returns to the focus that was made when recording the original video, ready for us to select another focus again.

The truth is that Cinema mode can deliver impressive results. Of course, this mode is not for all videos, far from it, but it is also true that many shots can benefit from a focus adjustment in post-production. A system so easy to use that we just have to press the record button and let our iPhone 13 take care of the rest.