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How to record calls on your Xiaomi if it doesn’t come standard

Do you have a Xiaomi and you need to record a call, but you don’t know how to do it? You are not the only one that happens because for a while many Xiaomi do not have this feature installed.

There is a solution? Of course! And it is very simple. Just keep reading this little tutorial and learn how to record calls on your Xiaomi easily if you don’t have the serial option.

Why can’t your Xiaomi record calls?

record calls xiaomi

By default, the phone application that was installed in MIUI allowed you to record calls with the touch of a button. Nevertheless, since the end of 2019 it cannot be done because Xiaomi decided to change its phone and messaging apps for Google’s.

The reason behind this decision is “to comply with the privacy laws and restrictions of some regions where our phones are sold,” according to statements by the company itself. This measure affects all devices with MIUI EU and Global firmware, which translates into a huge market share. In fact, the only ones left with the old app pre-installed were China and a few other countries.

The Google call app does not have recording for some time, although the company assured that it will soon return. This has not yet happened on a global scale, although some users may already do so.

Does that mean you can’t do anything other than wait? No, because on Android there are hundreds of applications to record calls, you only have to download one and that’s it.

Install Cube ACR on your Xiaomi and start recording your calls right now

Although there are many applications in the Play Store that allow you to record calls on Android, some of them are not totally reliable. The reason? They are not clear in their terms of use and privacy policies, in addition to requesting additional permissions that have little to do with what they do.

Taking that into account, it is best to opt for a good application to record calls on Android. And of all of them, one that has a long history and is widely known is Cube ACR.

It’s free, its recording quality is excellent, it is quite customizable, it supports recording of normal calls and VoIP, just ask for the strictly necessary permissions and more. How can you record calls with Cube ACR? Follow these steps, which can be a bit long, but the application leaves everything at hand:

  1. Download and install Cube ACR on your Xiaomi from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app, accept the terms and grant the permissions requested.
  3. Enable the Cube ACR overlay so that it is displayed on other apps.
  4. Activate Cube ACR app Connector so that the application can access your call log.
  5. Press “Add Cube to autostart”.
  6. Disable power saving for Cube ACR.

    • Optional: Enable Geo tagging if you want to save the location you made the call from.
  7. Tap “Start Cube ACR” to enable the app
  8. Make a call and Cube ACR will start recording automatically.

If you did everything correctly from now on you will see a small floating widget on the screen when you are on a call. From it you can activate or deactivate the recording of Cube ACR just by touching it.

Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Why does Cube ACR ask to enable so many things? Because of Google and to keep your privacy safe

android google security

After reading and applying this tutorial, this question may have arisen, but everything has a reason for being. From Android 10 Google has been adding more and more limitations so third-party apps can’t record calls or access your data easily.

This has a lot to do with increase the privacy and security of your data. And yes, although it may be annoying for what you want to do today, it is certainly a very positive thing.

Previously this did not happen and by downloading any application you could start recording calls in less than 15 seconds. However, now all recording apps have to go through this process to function properly. One caveat? These restrictions do not apply to VoIP calls such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and others.