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How to print only part of an article in Microsoft Edge

Whenever you visit a website you may want to print articles and publications that you can later look up on paper, annotate, read on another website, or simply distribute. The problem with this is that Often times you have to print out the entire content of the article, which can be a bit annoying..

However, if this happens and you’re using the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows, don’t worry. You may be able to print just the parts that interest you most with just a few clicks From any website if required.

Hence, you can choose the part of the webpage that you want to print in Microsoft Edge.

As mentioned earlier, in this case The ability to choose what to print from a website can be very helpful in certain cases.Remember, this saves both printer ink and paper and saves time by only putting what is necessary on top of the paper.

So to choose what to print in a website article, Use the Microsoft Edge browser Based on Chromium, you just have to Hold the left mouse button and scroll the internet to select the content you want to print.. And when everything is selected, Press the Right Button and select the “Print” option It is displayed in the context menu.

Print only part of an article in Microsoft Edge

Click this button A box corresponding to the printing options in Microsoft Edge opens automatically, Here you can see in the preview that only the selected text will be displayed on the webpage. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is select the printer you want and adjust the options to get the paper document.