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How to get Netflix at half price

Netflix cannot be missing from my favorites. In my spare time I love to watch series and movies produced by the American streaming giant. But there is a reality that we cannot avoid and that is it’s getting more and more expensive. Okay, you might still pay euro up, euro down, but what if I told you that you can contract Netflix at half price?

It is not a “magic bullet” – as they say in English – or some dirty trick. In fact, I take advantage and tell you that a lot of scams circulate on the Internet for, supposedly, have Netflix free forever. And the worst of all is that thousands and thousands of users have already fallen.

But I’m not here to talk about it. I am here to tell you how you can get Netflix at half price in a totally legal way.

Agree with your friends or family

I didn’t plan to talk about this, but I’m going to do it because «sometimes the simplest things are the ones that cost the most to see«.

As you well know, in a Netflix account there is room for several users, that is, several people can use the same account. Starting from that base, get Netflix at half price it’s as easy as agreeing with your friends or family to share your account and have everyone pay their share.

That way, instead of paying € 7.99/ month for the Basic plan, € 11.99/ month for the Standard plan or € 15.99/ month for the Premium plan, we would pay that price divided by the number of participants who will use the account. We are talking about that if we share a Premium subscription with 3 more people, it would cost us only € 3.99 / month, cheaper than the Basic plan.

Now, if they want to put it in folded, they will. Therefore, you are interested in continuing reading.

Together Price: share Netflix account with strangers and save up to 80%

Well really Netflix is ​​not the only thing that can be shared on Together Price, also Spotify, Office 365, DropBox, among others. But let’s talk a little more about What is it and how it works.

Together Price is a platform that allows you share expenses with friends, family or strangers of all kinds of multi-user digital services. The operation is as simple as register on your website and create a group to share a subscription. In this case, Netflix. In this way, you can save up to 80% per year than you would normally pay.

Is Together Price safe?

The answer is yes. Your payment system has SSL security certification and a validation period for transactions of up to 25 days during which you can request money refund. It is backed by BNL-BNP Paribas, an advanced payment entity in anti-fraud protection that helps to detect and mitigate fraud in real time, protecting users from any illicit conduct throughout the payment cycle. In addition, users have a reliability indicator based on the verification of personal data, behaviors and opinions.

Now you can watch Netflix for free without registering

Yes, exactly as you hear it. Now we can watch Netflix for free without registering on Recently, the streaming giant has made part of its catalog free so that we can enjoy some of his best series and movies without paying, for example Stranger things or Elite.

watch Netflix for free without registering
Watch Netflix for free: Netflix’s new promotional strategy to attract more users

It is a promotional page where we find up to ten options available that will rotate randomly in an indefinite time – probably weekly or monthly.

It must be borne in mind that while the films can be seen in their entirety, in the case of series we can only see the first episode. This is clearly a marketing technique to hook the viewer and turn him into a customer, but as my grandfather used to say: “less gives a stone.”

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If you have doubts as to whether you are going to like Netflix series and movies, this may be the best way to find out.


You can enjoy Netflix at half price in a more “traditional” way, negotiating with your friends or family from you to you, or taking advantage of the digital age to use a platform like Together Price where you can not only share a Netflix account, but also many other very popular online services, safely and without anyone escaping. If you have doubts that you will like the content of the platform, you can see some titles for free without paying with «Watch Netflix for free«, Which is how they have christened the section.