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How to enable auto-save in Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows

As with Word and Excel, one of the biggest dangers of creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is that you won’t be able to edit the presentation further; B. due to a software or power failure, and your changes will not be saved. .

This is a very serious problem, especially if the changes to the problem have not been saved for a long time, and for the same reason from the Microsoft team a while ago We decided to integrate the autosave function. So you can keep your changes up to date in the cloud. In your PowerPoint presentation, practically the moment it is created.

How to enable automatic saving in Microsoft PowerPoint so that changes are not lost

As mentioned earlier, this is the function of this feature Upload a copy of your PowerPoint presentation to OneDrive, Microsoft’s online storage service. And so as long as the computer has an internet connection Changes are automatically synchronized, You can also access the updated version from other devices.

As you can see, to enable Autosave, you need to: Link your Microsoft account (Individuals, companies or educational institutions) In addition to office, Updated version of Microsoft Office 365 Note that this is not a too old version. If you meet these requirements, enter the PowerPoint presentation you are viewing. Slide the button in the upper left corner to enable autosave..

Enable automatic cloud saving of documents in Microsoft PowerPoint

Click that button and you will see a pretty simple box. Which Microsoft account should be selected If you have more than one, you’ll have to upload the presentation, but later Select the name of the file and the folder where you want to save it.. Once you have selected both, you will have to wait a few seconds for the document to be uploaded for the first time. Then make changes to PowerPoint and you will see what they look like above. It’s stored in OneDrive.