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How to download software updates using the 5G of our iPhone

Thanks to 5G, it is possible to download software updates using mobile data instead of having to resort to a Wi-Fi access point. Depending on our data rate this is not something we want to abuse, but it can be us very useful in more than one situation.

An iPhone less dependent on Wi-Fi networks

Aware of the potential of 5G networks, Apple allows us to configure our compatible iPhone, for example the new iPhone 13 Pro, so that we can rely more on this connection. Thus, among others, we can download an entire software update without the need for any Wi-Fi.

Activate or deactivate this 5G prioritization mode it is the easiest. The data to follow are the following:

  1. We open the app Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We came in Mobile data.
  3. We played on Choices.
  4. We came in Voice and data.
  5. We choose 5G enabled.

From now on our iPhone will lean more strongly on the 5G network. This means that we will be able to download the software update as we normally would over Wi-Fi. This method also allows us to make backup copies in iCloud, use FaceTime with higher resolution and watch Apple TV videos and listen to music in high definition.

When we have finished updating our iPhone, unless we have an unlimited data rate, it is a good idea follow the steps above and choose again 5G automatic. The battery consumption when using the 5G network is higher, a reason to take into account to, in general, use the iPhone in an automatic configuration.

Thanks to the speed of the 5G network, now our iPhones can do more without having to resort to Wi-Fi connections. Hopefully, as more data rates become unlimited and the 5G network evolves and spreads, we will be able to act with fewer and fewer restrictions. Good news for sure.

Image | Frederik Lipfert