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How to delete WhatsApp without losing contacts or conversations

If you want to delete WhatsApp from your mobile due to the new policies of the app, or for any other reason, but you are worried about losing your chats and contacts… We will show you how to solve that.

Maybe you didn’t know that WhatsApp allows you to backup all the conversations and numbers you have, which is perfect to protect that information. Do youYou dare to know how to do it?

How to backup your WhatsApp data from the app

You can back up your account information within the application. WhatsApp allows you to make a backup all data that you have in two ways: in the internal storage of your mobile, or in the cloud.

Backup your data in the internal storage of your device

Backup your WhatsApp data

Backup your WhatsApp data

Surely at some point you have entered the app at dawn and you have missed a notice that says “Backing up messages”. This is because WhatsApp automatically backs up your data at dawn to keep your information safe.

If the backup made by WhatsApp is not enough for you to believe that your chats and contacts have been backed up, you can carry it out yourself by following these steps:

  1. Enter to WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical points top right.
  3. Go to “Settings”.
  4. Access the section of “Chats”.
  5. Click on “Backup copy”.
  6. In the section of “Last copy“Click on the” buttonSAVE”.
  7. You will get a notice that will say “Backing up messages”Where the percentage of load carried by the process will be shown.
  8. Wait a few minutes for the backup to be done and voila, your information will already be safe.

Backup your data in the cloud

The process to back up your WhatsApp data to the cloud (Google Drive) is the same. In fact, when you follow the steps that we tell you about and the backup, it is done both in the internal storage of your mobile as in Drive (if you have configured your Google account for it). Here we explain how to configure WhatsApp online backup.

How to recover your WhatsApp data

You should know that the conversations you have in the app cannot be exported to another application, or at least not easily. Therefore, if you deleted WhatsApp you can only see that information again by installing the application again and restoring the created backup. If you want to get it back, you have two options :.

  • Install WhatsApp on the same device where you made the backup: if you do that, once you log in with your phone number, you can recover automatically your chats and contacts with the backup of the internal storage.
  • Open WhatsApp on another device: with this option, you must associate your Google email with the new mobile, so that you can access Drive and recover the backup from the cloud.

Recover your data with online backup

Recover your WhatsApp data from the cloud

When you enter your number on the new device, the app will notice that there is a backup to Google Drive. It will ask you for the permissions to access your contacts and then it will ask you to choose a Gmail email (choose the email where you have made the backup). If you want to use offline backup, here we explain how to get it.

After that, the Drive backup will start to restore, but you have to be patient because that process could take a long time if your Internet is not very fast or the copy is very large.

If you are concerned about your contacts and want to pay close attention to that issue, you can also make a backup with your Google email. This ensures that you will never lose the phone numbers you have.