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How to create your own screen with Android Auto for car?

If you are a driver Android I’m afraid this interests you. We bring you something we have never talked about before, so you know how to create your own screen with Android Auto for car. Because in the event that your vehicle does not have this screen, it will not be a problem, since there are tricks to simulate it for very little money.

Android Auto is a blast. In its day we already told you everything about this technology that allows you to receive calls, WhatsApp messages or any notification from the car screen. But this is only the beginning.

Audio and Volvo with Android Auto

Create your own screen with Android Auto for car

For create your own screen with Android Auto for the car, there are alternatives to the smartphone. And one of the cheapest options is this that we bring you in today’s article. Of course, to get it, you will have to buy a couple of things on Amazon.

Steps to follow to achieve it

  • The first thing you need to buy is a Raspberry Pi 3, because it is the place where you will install Crankshaft, the software from developer Huang Trong that makes it possible. So the first step is to visit Amazon and add it to the cart. The price of this motherboard is 34 euros.

buy Raspberry Pi 3

  • Second you need to buy the screen for Raspberry Pi. We also find it available on Amazon. The price is 71 euros. Yes, it is true that you can use an alternative 7 ″ screen, but the software developer recommends this one, from the Raspberry guys themselves.

buy screen for Raspberry Pi

  • The last thing you need to buy is the Case, Which is around 13 or 15 euros depending on the option chosen. It’s optional. But highly recommended.

buy raspberry case

  • After you have bought everything and have it at home ready to use, you will have to download the software from the following link to Github and install it on the Raspberry Pi 3. Obviously, the user experience will not be the same as that of the integrated consoles, but it will be updated in order to improve and with time it will be better.

The result…

For a price of 120 euros you will have a console with Android Auto

All this around 120 euros approximately. It may seem very expensive, but buying the ready-made equipment from well-known brands such as Pioneer is perfectly around 300 or 400 euros. So you will have to shuffle and see what best suits your needs. We hope it helps you!

You had done it create your Android Auto console with Crankshaft? What do you think about this invention? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

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