If you regularly use Microsoft Excel programs, you already know the importance of making regular backups of your edited spreadsheets, just like Word and PowerPoint. for this reason, If for some reason something goes wrong during the save process, there are a number of concerns you can avoid.To be able to get information from the spreadsheet you are editing.

In this case, by default, a copy of Excel is created every 10 minutes in the form of a self-healing file, but in reality, depending on the processing speed and the importance of the spreadsheet you are working on, you can: You like Change these times to make backups more or less ready..

Therefore, you can customize how often you make backup copies in Microsoft Excel.

As mentioned earlier, in this case Microsoft Allows these times to be edited according to the tastes and preferences of the user from programs such as Excel.. That way, all you have to do is follow the steps below to make additional copies to prevent this from happening, or to make them separately in time:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel on a Windows computer, then Click the File menu It’s in the top left.
  2. In the menu you should Below[オプション]Choose Access all Excel settings in the left sidebar.
  3. Then in the menu on the left, Save option..
  4. Look at the field “Save the AutoRecover information every time” Make sure the option is checked, then change it Every minute You need to make a backup of the problem.

Select how often to back up in Microsoft Excel

After changing the problem it looks like this: Click the consent button and Microsoft Excel will automatically create an auto recovery file In the few minutes you choose, you can safely go back to the previous state of your table even if you lose information about it.