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How to check if your computer has a patch to uninstall Flash Player

Since the beginning of 2021 Adobe Flash Player technology is no longer supportedAs a result, despite the disadvantages that it had compared to HTML or other programming languages ​​due to the numerous weaknesses, an interactive website could be created relatively easily over the years.

And while there are still options to keep using it, in reality most websites today don’t need it and will work without it. Microsoft has released an update that ends official support for Adobe Flash on Windows... This section describes how to verify that this update is installed on your computer.

Check to see if your computer has a patch that will remove Adobe Flash Player

As mentioned earlier, the continued native support of Flash Player can pose a serious threat to your computer’s security. So it is important to know if you have this patch. Nevertheless, Don’t worry, it’s easy to check...

To do this, you just have to go with your team Settings (Windows + I)> Update & Security> Windows Update> View update history, You will see a list of all the updates installed on your computer.

Patch to remove Adobe Flash Player on Windows

In this list you just have to Verify that the flagged update is installed on your computer KB4577586, A patch to remove Adobe Flash Player. It appears in the list in Other Updates SectionIt is true that, among other things, you will have to search manually. If you see it, you will not be able to use web pages based on this technology because Adobe Flash Player is not installed on your computer.