The Start menu is one of the most popular aspects of Windows 10... The company made radical changes after a series of Windows 7 and 8 issues. The result is clear. Better design, more convenient for users and access to everything they need. However, there are times when the size of this start menu is not optimal.

But the reality is In Windows 10, you can change the size of the Start menu.. There is also a very easy way to do this, simply by using keyboard shortcuts. So there is no problem.

Windows 10 has a lot of customization options in this Start menu.. You can add or remove symbols as needed and place the symbols that interest you most. For us, it is practical and convenient that this menu suits our tastes and that we can navigate in it.

But beyond that Windows 10 also has an option to resize it.. you can make it bigger or smaller, wider or narrower. This should simplify the operation depending on the screen size. What should I do?

All we have to do is open the Windows 10 Start menu on your computer. Once opened, just do the following: Hold down the Ctrl key, hold it down and use the arrow keys in different directions... Therefore, you can move it freely.

To move up, use the up arrow, etc., in any direction. You can easily move the Windows 10 Start menu as needed.. Therefore, you can always consider the ideal size.