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How to change the duration of temporary messages in WhatsApp

Don’t you want your temporary WhatsApp messages to be available for a long period of time? The most used messaging app in the world allows you change the duration of those messages simply and quickly.

Thanks to the latest updates WhatsApp received, no longer need to wait 7 days for temporary messages to disappear forever.

From now on you can select 3 options that will suit your needs: 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days. If you are interested in knowing how to choose the duration of temporary messages, you should keep reading, because here we are going to explain step by step how to access this section.

So you can change the duration of temporary messages in WhatsApp

Before we show you all the steps that you must carry out, it is important that you activate the temporary messages of WhatsApp. If you already have them activated, you should not have any problem when changing the duration of them.

Configure temporary WhatsApp messages

  • Open the WhatsApp app from your mobile device. Once inside the messaging application, you will have to enter individual or group chat where you want to change the duration of temporary messages.
  • Therefore, you should click on the three small vertical dots displayed at the top right of the screen.
  • A small menu will be displayed with several options, click on the one that says “Group info” if it is a group, or “Chat info” if it is an individual conversation.
  • Scroll through the settings menu until you find the section that says “Temporary messages”. Once found, click on it.

Change the duration of temporary WhatsApp messages

  • Select time you want the temporary messages to last.
  • Having chosen the desired option, you will have to click on the arrow located at the top left from the screen.
  • In seconds, WhatsApp will show you a message that will confirm the change you have made.

Without anything else to add, we recommend that you take a look at the tutorial in which we explain how to prevent temporary WhatsApp messages from being deleted, note where we mention some extremely useful tricks.