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How to change the default .XLSX format for Microsoft Excel

A wave of calculations made by popular Excel programs since the 2007 version of Microsoft Office By default, it is saved in the following format .XLSX, This is very useful for some users as it supports most of the functions. On the contrary, the computer running the file must have one of the latest versions installed in order to open the file.

So that users don’t get stuck, Microsoft has implemented the ability to choose from a number of different formats for each purpose when saving an Excel spreadsheet. Nevertheless, Choosing the same format over and over can be a hassle to change every time, so I’ll show you how to change this format by default. Save the document the next few times.

This allows you to change the format that Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are saved in by default.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Excel’s predefined formats are .XLSXHowever, there are still many other formats to choose from, such as the old one .XLS Or many other features that can be useful depending on the purpose of the program, if you change it, easy The list of formats makes it seem like the selection is already selected so you don’t have to change it manually...

If you want to change it that way, first Go to the “Archives” section, Usually available through the button in the upper left corner. Next, you need to access the Excel Settings in the side menu. Generally available under the heading “Options”, There is everything that can be changed in the general way of the program. Then all you have to do is Find the “Save” section And from there you choose your favorite format “Save file in format” dropdown..

Change the default format for Microsoft Excel documents

Once you have made changes, you can see how they move the next time you save the Excel spreadsheet on your computer. By default, this format is displayed with the extension you selected.. Likewise, if you want to go back to the previous format or any other format, you can safely choose from the list of available formats.