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How to change the default .DOCX format in Microsoft Word

By default, documents created in Microsoft Word have been saved in the following formats for many years: .DOCX, Microsoft’s own, earlier .DOC.. However, when you save a document, your application can choose from a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with other programs and to use it for your purposes.

However, we recommend changing this setting for whatever reason. Set one of the alternative formats in case you save your Word document by default next time.. This saves time as manual changes are not required every time.

How to change the default format of Microsoft Word documents

As mentioned earlier, if you need to, you can change the default format of Microsoft Word documents stored on your computer, and even if you question that change, you should know about it When saving other new documents .DOCXBecause the list of saving options is still available.

However, to configure this you will need to access the Word configuration window, which typically requires you to do the following: Click the File button In the upper left corner, then lower left Choose options “.. When you do this, you will see a window with various settings in Microsoft Word. Certain On the left[保存]In the area[ファイルを形式で保存]Select an extension from the drop-down list. Files needed for future documentation.

Change the default format for Microsoft Word documents

If you select all of these options and save your changes, the list of formats will show you how they will be saved the next time you save a new Microsoft Word document. The one you choose is selected by default, You can choose another one if you want.