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How to block calls on Android

Tired of a number you don’t know or a person you no longer speak to calling you dozens of times a day? Well don’t worry anymore your phone allows you to block and reject calls from any mobile number automatically. Here we are going to explain what you must do to be able to use this function that few users know exists.

Block and reject calls on Android

Before starting the tutorial it is necessary to clarify that in case you want to accept the calls again of some particular number, only the number should be unblocked locked.

Step 1

Block Android calls step 1

Open the Phone app from your mobile. It should be noted that this app could be shown with the name of Calls. This varies by device and Android version.

Step 2

Block Android calls step 2

Once the respective application is open, you must click on the More option, which is located at the top right of the screen. This option can also be shown with a “three stripes” or “three dots” icon.

Step 3

Block Android calls step 3

A small menu will be displayed at the top right of the phone screen. Click on the Settings option.

Step 4

Block Android calls step 4

You will be able to see a new screen, there you will have to click on the Call Rejection option, it is located in the Call Settings category.

Step 5

Block Android calls step 5

You will be able to see two different options, the one you must press is the one that says Automatic reject list, it should come first in the list.

Step 6

Block Android calls step 6

From there you can enter the phone number you want to block so I can’t make calls, or choose the contact from your contact book Of course. Once you have entered the number or selected the contact, calls from that person will be automatically blocked.

Remember that you can also block calls from unknown numbers or private. You can do that by clicking on the second option shown in the image of step 6.