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How to avoid being distracted by your mobile

If we talk about distraction in our daily life, we easily think of our smartphone. Many hours are spent in it interacting through the social networks and instant messaging.

If you want to leave your mobile addiction aside, we will tell you how to avoid being distracted by your smartphone.

Lock Me Out, the application to stop mobile addiction

Lock Me Out is an application that can prevent you from being distracted by your mobile. It does this through a very little seen high-level lockdown process.

Its main function is prevent the use of the mobile when we know that we should not pick it up, but still we do it and more when we are working or studying.

lock 2

For it, we can set the period of time in which we want to block the mobile. We have direct access to periods of time that are configured by default of: 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h and up to 3h.

The application has an option that allows us to configure the smartphone so that stay blocked until a specific time or daily periods as well.

We also have notifications that inform us of the number of times we have unlocked the mobile and the time of use.

How to configure Lock Me Out?

Setting up Lock Me Out is extremely simple. First of all, you must download the free application from the Google Play Store. You open it and grant the necessary permissions to access the lock screen.

Then we will be on the home screen of the app separated by: Lock mode, Lock for, Block up and Lock after.

To avoid being distracted by the mobile, we are interested in the option “Block for”, there we will establish the desired time to restrict access to the phone.

Lock 1

Once you have chosen the desired time, we lock our mobile. At the time of unlocking We will see how the application does not let us access by launching a black lock screen.

This ensures that we do not access our smartphone in any way.. Lock Me Out is free and does not contain advertising.

Lock Me Out: App & Website Blocker

There is a paid version within the app that allows us to enjoy custom times, and keep the lock screen off at all times for only 3.99 euros. How about?