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Hide / Show secret text in BMP images ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Before dealing with this interesting application it is convenient that we know about the «Steganography«; according to Wikipedia is the art or science of writing hidden messages in a way that no one, except sender and receiver, suspect the existence of the message. “It is a form of security through the dark.”
Well that is precisely what we will do with SteganographX, hide and show secret text in BMP imagesInteresting right? Let’s see in detail.

SteganographX is an application that allows you to hide (encrypt) a text in an image with Bitmap (BMP) format, this text will logically not be visible and the changes in the image will not be noticeable, so much so that the size of the image file will remain the same .
The only way to extract (decrypt) the hidden text from the image will be by using SteganographX.

This peculiar utility has a fairly intuitive interface, and it is also available in Spanish, for the procedure just load the imagen BMP and then choose between the two basic functions; encrypt and decrypt hidden text.
You can see the detail about our capture, click to enlarge it.

SteganographX ​​does not require installation (portable), it is compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP, etc and as we are used to in it’s totally free folks.

Official site | Descargar SteganographX 1.0 (724 Kb, Zip)